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What is Blunt Glue™?

What is Blunt Glue™

Blunt time just got better with Blunt glue™.  It's meant to stick and stay stuck when rolled.  Using Blunt Glue is a much more sanitary way of rolling up blunts.  No more saliva all over the blunt for a nicer, more enjoyable, even burn.

Blunt Glue ™ helps stop unraveling, it can repairs cracks, and can seal the deal so you can enjoy your favorite strains. 

Our special cigar glue formula is 100% all natural made and vegan friendly. The professional's choice for those trying to perfect their rolling techniques, Blunt Glue™ will be your new best friend.   You will become a professional blunt roller in no time!  

How to Use it?

Just dab it and smear it across your blunt as you would if you were licking the blunt.  Each blunt is different so experiment!  Make sure you store it in a cool space and clean of the brush tip for best use. 

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Will it work with my blunts?

It works with a wide variety of cigars, hemp paper, and even rolling papers.  All Backwoods, all Swishers, all Dutch, All Dutch Masters, and many more.  It works the best with Backwoods and any type of similar leaf.  

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