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Blunt Glue was created in early 2018.  As a blunt rolling enthusiast, enjoyment simple comes from a perfectly rolled blunt that doest unravel and burns evenly.  After many years of perfecting different techniques to roll with different types of papers, cigars, and hemp paper. 

The invention of Blunt Glue ™ came about after a heavy blunt rolling session in LA.   While learning how to flawlessly roll Backwoods, an idea of a sealer came into mind.  A product that can improve and level up our blunt rolling skills.  Something for the connoisseurs and even for the beginners to use.
Our goal at Blunt Glue ™ is to help you learn how to roll any blunt using our products as a tool and guide to help you enjoy life!
-M. Le
Owner of Blunt Glue ™